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Best friends Jen and Christine visit Lady Talia, a renowned spiritualist, to get their fortunes read, hoping to hear what pleasures the future may bring. But the session quickly turns dark as Lady Talia pulls tarot cards from a deck and explains that one of the friends will die, before leaving the room, if a terrible secret isn’t revealed. Jen and Christine are offended by what they believe is a sick joke, when they hear the ghostly sob of Jen’s elderly mother, who was supposedly taken in a carjacking, never to be seen again. Worse, they hear the approaching, ominous footsteps of something unworldly – and vengeful. Terrified, the friends turn on each other, desperate to uncover the truth about the mother’s tragic fate, before one of them pays the ultimate price.


Lanett Tachel, Leilani Turner, Sally Struthers, Katsy Chappell

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In the midst of a midlife crisis, Jimmy leaves his life in Texas behind and relocates to Hollywood with dreams of movie stardom. He encounters Doug, a rideshare driver and former actor who tries to warn him about the business. Undeterred, Jimmy arrives at a horror film audition and meets an old school, over-the-top Director with a taste for blood. Sensing danger, a reluctant Doug decides to intervene... 


Christopher Dukes, Brian Derozen, Joe Estevez, Madison Extrand, Matthew Payne

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The Curse of Stone Hill

When a young girl, Lauren Foley, turns eighteen, she has her adoption records opened in search of her birth mother. Her quest leads her to an old haunted estate where her mother grew up and was last seen. The caretaker Edward Barnes (played by Michael Paré), holds the key to her mother and the houses' dark secret.


Michael Paré (Eddie & the Cruisers, Village of the Damned) 

Madison Ekstrand (The Walk, For The Boys)


The Delivery

A young mother receives a mysterious package in the middle of the night. Her curiosity unleashes a chain of events that threaten her life and her baby forever. 


Noreen Laney (The Year I Did Nothing) 

Roczane Enriquez (Vampiriah)


Dinner Rush

Richard DeMarco is in for a rude awakening when a lunch meeting with local mob boss Joey Ricco turns deadly.


Eric Roberts (The Expendables, The Dark Knight)

 Christopher Dukes (Transformers, Fresh Off The Boat)